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The School

The School

The Art School offers education to adults with learning disabilities who want to develop their interest in art and to create paintings and sculptures.

The school has space for 14 students. Interested parties can apply for admission to the school once a year.

The Art School for Adults with learning disability opened in 1994 on the basis of ex-leader Hanne Clausens idea.

The idea was to create a living art school for adults with learning disabilities with the desire and ability to develop interest in experiencing and creating images.

The vision is that The Art School in the future will to become part of a creative and inspiring cultural center for adults with learning disabilities.
Today, The Art School is a part of KRAFTVÆRKET in CAPTUM / CSBB in Copenhagen.

In November the school have a Christmas Bazar, where works will be exhibited, produced this year. Here are also pictures and gift items for sale. We also arrange Open House once a year together with the rest of the KRAFTVÆRKET.

The school also organizes large external exhibitions, and participates in national and international themed and censored exhibitions.

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