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The school has space for 14 students. The candidate must be 18 or older to be admitted to the school.

The admission takes place at the school on a Friday in March.
Applicants are given a brief orientation about the school, after which they will be working with image processing (drawing, painting or sculpting), in the school workspace.

Based on this work, 3 brought works and interviews with candidates, it is assessed whether applicants can be admitted. Emphasis is placed on the applicant's desire and energy to learn and to work concentrated for 4-5 hours daily with production of pictures.

In addition, we seek to create a team of people who can inspire each other and work well together.

Students pay 4000 dkk per. year to materials and teaching.
One must have payment approved by their own municipality.


It's a good idea to visit the school before signing up for audition.

Call or email the school to arrange a meeting!

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