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Steffen de la Motte Maahr

Born 1975

Steffen had his first year at The Art School in 1997/1998. After some years away from the school, Steffen decided to follow the path of the artist, and started again at the school in 2003. He stopped in 2023.

Steffen has during the years developed a very personal and confident style that always reflects a strong personal commitment and fascination in his pictures. Steffen has a clear and positive identity as an artist.

Steffen’s drawings are often base on sketches from inspirational trip.
He is also very interested in film and singers, as Kim Larsen, Michael Jackson and Olsen Brothers.

Steffen loves to paint with acrylic which certainly is his favorite technique, but he allso sometimes try other techniques such as Indian Ink. and linoleum.
Steffens images are characterized by the very strong contour line.

Helligåndshuset, Copenhagen 2004
KRAFTKUNST, Gaia Museum, Randers 2008
Inside Outside, Rundetaarn 2008
ALLER Press 2008
Rigshospitalet 2009
Udvekslingsprojekt i Finland 2008
Uden hæmninger – Outsider Art, Rundetaarn 2011
10th anniversary exhibition, Gentofte Library 2012
Østerfælled Torv, CSB Copenhagen 2012

​-Connect- Outsider Art, Rundetaarn 2014

A Speciel Touch - lige fra hjertet, Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad 2016

Galerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund 2016

Art Naif Festiwal, Katowice, Poland, 2017

Fuglesanghus, Hørsholm 2017

​Rundetaarn 2018

Outsider Art Fair, Paris 2018

NNDR, UCC Carlsberg Copenhagen, 2019

Galerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund 2019

On the trail of Picasso, KRAFTVÆRKETS Gallery 2019

Galerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund 2020


Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery, Copenhagen 2022

Galerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund 2023

Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen 2023

Art Brut Biennale, Hengelo Netherlands 2023

Art Association HK Capital, Copenhagen 2024

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